Road transport

If you decide to buy any goods abroad, you may have problems with delivery, especially when it comes to a country like America.

Виды автомобильных перевозок

KT Forwarding offers transportation services for the following types of agricultural machinery:

  • Combine harvesters;
  • Tractors;
  • Sprayers;
  • Seeders;
  • Cultivators;
  • Mowers
  • Any other types of equipment.

International delivery is carried out in the following way:

  1. Registration of the application.
  2. Customs clearance of cargo.
  3. Delivery of the vehicle (container truck, trawl)
  4. Loading on a vehicle at the consignor place
  5. Transportation to the port of departure or ramp.
  6. Loading into the vessel.
  7. Sea freight.
  8. Loading and unloading operations in ports of arrival.
  9. Preparation of documentation (including the contract).
  10. Submission of the customs declaration.
  11. Customs clearance.
  12. Delivery of cargo to the door of the consignee.

Trucking service from "KT Forwarding"

If there is a need to deliver agricultural machinery, then KT Forwarding can be an excellent option, since it has proven delivery schemes, can offer a quick solution to the problem and an optimal cost. The company’s specialists always individually select the most optimal route.

All clients are concerned about the costs, there is no single rate, the price is always calculated individually for each client and depends on:

  • Countries and cities from where you need to pick up the equipment.
  • Weight and volume of cargo.
  • Amount of transported agricultural machinery.
  • Type of transportation.
  • Additional parameters.

KT Forwarding specializes in organizing delivery of agricultural machinery from America and will perfectly cope with this task; over the years of concentrated work in this area, it has a number of advantages:

  • Developed partner network.
  • Prompt solution of force majeure.
  • Favorable terms of cooperation.
  • Free consultations.
  • Services of intercity transportation of goods.
  • Ability to monitor cargo along the route.
  • Provision of guarantees

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Organization of delivery of agricultural machinery of any size. Flexible rates, thanks to service contracts with the largest shipping lines, will allow you to use our services on favorable terms

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4PL logistics

4PL warehousing service is the storage of the client's cargo in the required place within the agreed period of time

Delivery from USA and Canada agricultural machinery

One of the best exporters of agricultural machinery to Ukraine is America. It is an ideal country to find and buy durable, high quality and reliable agricultural machinery. It is in the United States where the world's best machinery manufacturers are based, including Case New Holland, AGCO, John Deere, Great Plains, Kinze.

Trucking from USA to Ukraine

KT Forwarding offers transportation from the USA on the best terms. Delivery of agricultural machinery from America with our help is reliable and stable, thanks to many years of experience, we have helped many entrepreneurs develop their business.


Consolidation is range of services for the collection, storage and consolidation of several shipments into one lot.

Consultations of EDD

Foreign economic activity is an activity related to the export / import of goods and is regulated by law. In this activity participants can be legal entities and individuals, state and commercial companies, as well as everyone who has relations with foreign partners.

The container transporting

Container shipping allows you to deliver goods to all regions of the world

Customs Broker

Customs clearance of goods is an extremely complex procedure, execution of which requires perfect knowledge of the tax legislation of Ukraine, as well as knowledge of international law.

Customs clearance of cargo

Cargo customs clearance is the process of clearing goods that need to be moved across the border.

Customs clearance

Any goods that you decide to buy abroad can be imported into Ukraine only after customs clearance and payment of the official fees.

Ground delivery by the USA

Inland transportation of goods in America is the most expensive and difficult way to transport goods on short and medium distances.

Internal freight forwarding of freight

Forwarding services are extremely popular because they involve various activities aimed at developing a route scheme to speed up the arrival of goods

Loading into the vessel

Loading into the vessel is carried out in different ways, depending on the specific type and model of equipment.

Rooro Service

Ro-Ro (Roll-On Roll-Off) is a type of special transport that is used to transport goods with wheels or those that are fastened to platforms with wheels

Sea freight

Most of the commercial activities of our clients who work with agricultural machinery are directly related to the transportation of goods from other countries or continents (most often from the USA).


KT Forwarding offers a warehouse storage service - a whole range of different logistics services related to your cargo.

Transportation of goods by the USA

One of the activities of KT Forwarding is domestic transportation across the USA.

Road transport

If you decide to buy any goods abroad, you may have problems with delivery, especially when it comes to a country like America.

Cargo transportation in Ukraine

Today, cargo transportation in Ukraine is very popular.

Cargo transportation from Europe

Cargo transportation services through Europe are relevant for small and large Ukrainian companies, as well as for entrepreneurs who conduct international trade.

Delivery of auto from USA

Thanks to the low prices, the American car market attracts car enthusiasts from all over the world.

Warehouse services in the USA

Warehousing services are very popular with companies doing business abroad and related to agricultural activities, as well as for those who buy vehicles abroad. In the first case, one cannot do without a warehouse; it can, for example, be rented

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If small goods can be delivered using postal services, then in the case of agricultural oversized equipment, there is a number of delivery problems. If you can buy agricultural equipment in the US by yourself, then it is extremely difficult to organize its delivery to Ukraine. In such cases, the company “KT Forwarding” comes to help, we provide a full range of trucking service for equipment and other goods.

Oversized agricultural machinery and equipment are transported on special trawls. We provide trucking:

  • Across America to the port of loading.
  • From the EU to Ukraine, if a vessel from the USA arrives at a European port.
  • Across Ukraine, if the vessel arrives at a Ukrainian port.

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