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KTF is a 4PL logistics service provider. We specialize in organizing the delivery of agricultural machinery from the USA

Is it okay to pay to this particular US dealer for agricultural machinery / have you worked with him before?

If you find on your own a dealer from whom you plan to buy machinery in the USA, then we will let you know if we worked with him earlier, that is, we previously took the machinery from him for transportation. However, as a logistics company, we cannot guarantee you any conditions for the purchase of the equipment itself, since this is your relationship with the dealer directly.

Let's calculate this delivery option, and if so? Maybe let’s try?

In each specific case, we always consider all possible and rational options for the delivery of your equipment. In multimodal transportation, it is important to take into account how one stage fits into the next.

What are the penalties for the delivery time?

The world of oversized transportation is very unpredictable, ranging from the influence of weather conditions to the serviceability of equipment, due to which the transfer of loading to the next vessel occurs. Unfortunately, it is simply impossible to predict the exact dates, but you will have an idea of a transit time for sure.

Do I have to pay for delivery right away?

No, all the conditions are negotiated and fixed in the contract and the order, but we would be happy if the payment is made 5 days before the cargo arrives at the port.

Do you guarantee transit time?

No, we have no right to guarantee such things, since on the route there are transshipment ports (if we talk about the ports of arrival of Odessa and Yuzhny), as well as the sea freight. We can offer you the most realistic terms and not deceive you with illusions.

What documents do you need and what do you need in general to start working?

Scan copy of the invoice or any information by which the sender can identify which cargo needs to be shipped are sufficient.

Is the cargo insured, what happens if the ship capsizes?

All our vehicles that are engaged in inland delivery in the United States are insured. We recommend to make insurance of sea freight, since insurance is not initially included in the freight rate. We have very strong insurance partners, but it's up to you to decide whether to insure or not. Also, all our trucks in Europe are under CMR insurance.

Your rates are low, are there any deception and hidden fees?

No, all additional costs that may arise are publicly available, transparent and clear. Our managers will notify you in advance about the possibility of their occurrence in case the initial data on the cargo differ from the actual ones.

What do you need to calculate the rate?

The most important thing is the city and state where the machinery is located, the model of the machinery. Thanks to our experience, this is already enough for us, but if we take the classic scheme, then we need to understand the weight, dimensions (length, height, width), on twin or single wheels. If you have a container delivery, the type of container.

And if I have reapers in different places, how will you load them?

We have 3 specialized warehouses for agricultural machinery, we will bring all the equipment to the warehouse and load it into a container for you.

I urgently need to deliver machinery, how can I bring everything faster?

For oversized equipment, in fact, it all depends on the schedule of shipping lines. We will choose the best one in advance. Usually, cargo is being transported through the Ukrainian ports on average 45-55 days (port-port), if speed is needed, we carry it through European ports for 30-35 days (door to door), but this option will cost approximately 20% more. Time is money. The location of the machinery in the USA greatly affects the cost of delivery.

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